What service is Immovisory offering?
Immovisory is your independant real estate buying consultant. Depending on the clients situation the assistence is tailored around the individual needs. Below you can find the different options:

  • Individual on an hourly basis
  • Option adVisoryPlus / The process is driven by Immovisory researching suitable properties for the client

Alternative lonestanding services

  • Financing & mortgage consultancy
  • Co Investments
  • Sale of Real Estate
For whom is the Immovisory service suitable?
Real Estate Buying Process:

In general every Real estate buyer can benefit from the experience and the network of Immovisory but in particular first time buyers will find the structured buying process helpful to avoid potential pitfalls in this substantial investment decision. In addition Immovisory offers to search potential properties suitable to the clients situation as well as attractive off market properties which are just marketed throught the personal network.

Financing mortgage consultation:

If the client already has a property Immovisory can help to secure the best financing rates from one of the 200+ connected banks throught Germany.

What is unique about our service?
We are independant! Being not connected to the seller of apartments Immovisory can assist the buyer in a truley independant manner. Having our ears and eyes on the market constantly ensures that we can react to attractive offers immediately. This procedere is crucial in today’s market situation to find the suitable property to the clients investment profile.
In which region is Immovisory active?
We offer our service in a complete digital manner throughout Germany but we do understand that most clients prefer a personal connection in such a delicate topic. Currently we are personally active in the region of Berlin and Hamburg. Please contact us for individual projects or if you have any questions related to this issue.
How is Immovisory earning money?

Depending on the type of consulting assistence Immovisory has varying costing schemes:

  • Individual on an hourly basis                                                                                                                    – € 99 excl. VAT per hour
  • Option adVisoryPlus // Immovisory searches and selects suitable properties                                – from 1.95% of property value if > € 500.000 if less                                                                                                                                                                              2.95%

Alternative lonestanding services

  • Financing & mortgage consultancy                                                                                                         – compensation is paid by the lending financial institute
  • Co Investments                                                                                                                                           – individual negotiation


How is Immovisory qualified ?
We are active as Investors since 2010 and bought Real Estate for private as well as institutional investors. In addition we are licensed as § 34i mortgage brokers as well as § 34c Real Estate agents according to German trade, commerce and industry regulation
Is my Data secure?
For an individual consulting approach Immovisory is dependant on receving private data from the client. We are aware of this special responsibilty and only use secure ways of data processment. In addition we encrypt our data with SSL.