Mortgage consultancy from A to Z

The answers to the following questions are the underlying guidelines to your financing solution

  • What amount needs to be financed?
  • How much equity is available or needed?
  • Are the financials sustainable?
  • What are the personal preferences of the customer in regard to the financing?
  • How will the mortgage affect the financial situation of the client?
  • Can the financing be combined with subsidized loans like the KfW

Current financial situation

Together with the client we prepare an overview of the current financial situation. This overview includes a calculation of all income and expenses. Together with the details of the property this overview is the basis for the banks to decide on your financing request. 

Rates comparison

With the financial overview and the details of the property we compare offered rates from more than 200 banks. By having the banks compete to win the client we can ensure that very attractive rates can be secured.

Assistence till the finish line

We support the client until the mortgage is signed and therefore make sure that the property investment can actually be made.  Together with you we prepare the documentation for the banks and act as a intermediate between the client and the bank taking into consideration the interest of both sides. In this manner we can ensure that the client finds the perfect financing partner for his investment.